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Game Development, Programming, 3D Art

Initially made for the UChicago Game Design 2020 Fall Game Jam, Cube-All is a Unity-made endless runner where you play as a cube that you can golf around, like in What The Golf.

Devlogs and a browser version (along with a windows version) are available on the page.

Title_Screen_text 1.png

Menu Assets


Golfing Endlessly


Controlling a minimalist cube, the player clicks and drags to launch their cube through a never-ending series of obstacles, avoiding death by red line.

The Cube



Initial ideas came from when I watched gameplay videos of What The Golf. Simple click-and-drag style controls with deep underlying mechanics is what I want to explore.

The basic endless runner setup began with UChicago Game Design's learning-themed jam. Referencing several tutorial videos, I brushed up on Blender modelling, a bunch of coordinate conversion, and other stuff to make the playable prototype.

Early Gameplay


Concept Art

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